Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team #1 Geocache

Addison, Erika, Christina, and Ethan

Geocache: Buffalo Grill (Waikato)

Time Found: 7:15:36 PM

Date Found: 11/1/2010

Location: S 37 47.607, E 175 17.647 (difference due to accuracy of GPS at site)

On our journey we came across some pretty ordinary sites: parks, The Warehouse, and tons of Chinese Takeaways, amongst others. Probably the most interesting of all was the actual building that the cache was under, which is hundreds of years old and stands stark compared to its modern counterparts. In its former life, Cook’s (as it is known now), was a corset factory and a lodge at one point or another, but now only the fa├žade remains as the public enjoys their pints with a view of the park across the street.

Weak GPS signals, trees, and fences were just about our only obstacles in finding our geocache. We found ourselves under trees and extremely close to two-story buildings, which led to a severe drop-off in our unit’s accuracy and much head-scratching as to where the corner we were to reach under was (our secret hint.) Plus, our adventurous sides said to go down a safe side alley, until we were confronted by a six-foot fence, which we scaled (while possibly trespassing). Our law breaking was also compounded by our frequent jaywalking attempts (and near misses with local traffic.) All in all, it was a relatively painless procedure, save for the gravel in our sandals.

The actual cache was a “200mL Sistema box, painted camouflage,” as our instructions told us. The problem is a 200mL box could be any number of dimensions, so that piece of information really wasn’t helpful. We also had no idea what the heck a Sistema box was, so until we found it and realized it was a brand that did no good either. The words “painted camouflage,” made us think that it would be in a park or up a tree, but it was painted a bluish purple and resided in a dark corner, which seems like a bit of a stretch for the use of the word “camouflage.” Once we found it, however, the box contained a few trinkets left behind by others, a log book, which we noted our presence in, and a note to take only if you can replace with something else (in our case, Erika’s drawing of a cat.)

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