Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Group Stop Blog Entry- Christina Liaskos

Christina Liaskos

It was a lot harder than I expected to pick a favorite location out of the ones
we've visited thus far; practically every day of this trip has been absolutely
amazing. Cathedral Cove, however, was definitely up there on my top places. It's
beauty was breathtaking. The water was calm and clear and the beach felt like it
was sheltered from the world.

As far as the geology aspect, Cathedral Cove reached beyond my expectations.
To see before my eyes the evolution of a sea stack, to be able to witness it in its
three main stages, simultaneously, was something I never thought I'd see
outside of a textbook. I also enjoyed going inside the sea cave, exploring the
rocky intertidal and checking out the wave-cut notches and honeycomb

Cathedral Cove was awesome in that it provided not only a beautiful landscape,
but a geological education as well.

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