Thursday, January 14, 2010

Geocache Team #4

We used Google Earth to plot the coordinates of where our
Geocache was supposed to be hidden. Right off the bat, before
even leaving to go find it we knew that it should be somewhere
near the pool near the center of town. Once we got there
however, things got more difficult. Our GPS was faulty and was
taking us all over the place. We completely searched an area
only to find trash in bushes. Then, once we started going in
the right direction again we crossed a street and found
another plot of land with a lot of thick vegetation. We
started looking in trees and feeling around dense bushes
somewhat aimlessly due to our inability to get a signal on the
GPS because of the trees surrounding us.
Finally, we picked up another signal and headed off in a
different direction and watched as we got closer and closer to
the correct latitude and longitude. We had solved the clue by
this point and knew that the camouflage box should be near a
tree in the base of a plant. Of course we had no idea what
this plant looked like so a member of the team called her
father and asked him to Google it quickly. We then found that
the plant had white star shaped flowers with yellow and purple
stamens. This helped immensely as we could then narrow down
the amount of bushes we looked in. After a while we were still
unsuccessful and had figured the box was moved and no longer
where it used to be. Luckily, right before we started to lose
hope, a grounds keeper noticed us frantically looking around
and walking in circles. He asked if we were GeoCache-ing and
told us around where he thought it was hidden last time. In a
few minutes we had finally found the box. Someone had re-hid
in a different plant a bit farther from where it was
originally hidden. Overall the experience was frustrating but
rewarding as we got to leave a little piece of us within the
box representing the University of Delaware.
Group: Natalie, Danielle, Katy, Sam

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