Thursday, January 14, 2010

Geocache Team #3

Christine McDonald, Emily Cahoon, Rob Gardiner, Bobby Winters

            The coordinates for our geocache location were S 37 degrees 47.317' E 175 degrees 17.094'.  It wasn't too difficult to find because we were already familiar with Victoria St. in downtown Hamilton.  After looking at Google Maps we could see that finding the statue of Riff Raff wouldn't be too challenging.  We started our trip out of the dorms, followed the path to Knighton Road and turned onto Clyde street.  We walked for a while until we made to Bridge street and eventually turned right onto Victoria St.  The walk took our group about 50 minutes and we spent another 15 minutes searching the area around the statue of Riff Raff.  We started by deciphering the code given to us.  The code read "Look around the legs of seats.  The cache is magnetized to the metal part on the legs of one of the chairs.  Keep at the street leel and start on the middle leg of the rear set of seats."  So we knew to check the benches for the geocache.

            Initially our GPS led down the hill a little bit to a different set of benches.  After failing to find the container on the caches below, we decided to go back up to the street level set of benches where the statue was.  We looked at the hint more carefully and found the container stuck to the leg of a bench with a magnet.  Excited that we found the geocache, we opened it up and signed the log.  The geocache was made out of a bubble gum box wrapped in duct tape, which was well camouflaged to the leg of the bench.  We took a few pictures and then returned the little container back to the hiding place.  We then celebrated our success with some awesome kebabs from a nearby restaurant.

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