Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geocache Team #5

Group: Brittany, Kristen, Royce, Brianna

Geocache: Hamilton's Greenbelt Resort

Date: 13 January 2019

Time: 11:10am

Lat: S 37°47'24.22"

Long: E 175°18'22.56"

Our successful mission started out with a lot of frustration, as the GPS took at least 25 minutes to catch and hold on to more than 2 satellite signals at a time. We were turning back to get a new GPS when it finally contacted enough satellites and was ready to navigate (we had been wandering around campus in the general direction indicated by Google Earth while we were waiting for a signal). We entered the geocache coordinates and told the GPS to lead the way.

Shortly after, the faithful GPS then proceeded to die. Royce's camera came to our rescue to lend an essential pair of AA batteries. With new energy reserves, the GPS was ready to navigate in a record-breaking 30 seconds and we set off once again. This tiny obstacle taught us how to be patient when using high tech equipment and when things do not go exactly to plan. Also, we learned that it is important to carry around extra batteries for said equipment.

Thanks to some previous planning with the aid of Google Earth, the trip to the general cache site was uneventful. Once we were reasonably close, we separated and began to search through the area. Royce and Kristen both spotted the camouflaged box between the branches of a tree. Inside the box was array of trinkets and a log book, which we signed.

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