Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Geocache Team #2

Brett, Trevor, Emily, Laura

Our Geocache Journey

Coordinates: S 37o 47.057 E 175o 17.048

We began our epic adventure by first Google mapping our coordinates to get an idea of where our geocache was located. After that we went to a bus stop where we failed to hitchhike after a bus high-tailed it right past us.

So we went to a different bus stop where we got on a green bus. After talking for the bus driver for a half hour, he asked us if we were in a hurry, so we finally left and the kind man dropped us off near the Claudesland Bridge.

Unsure of the right direction we started walking in the middle of the street towards the river.

It took a while for the GPS to acquire a signal.

We were uncertain if we would find the park before coming to the river as we were getting ever so close to it, and tension started to brew amongst group members. We knew it was near a bridge, so we got excited when we saw bridge signs.

Thankfully as we got closer and closer to the bridge, the park appeared.

Now finally in the park, we used the GPS to try and find the exact location based on the coordinates, and also by using our clue, which was “Beside the very large tree and under a small fallen one”. It was hard to tell where exactly to look as the GPS coordinates were jumping around and the signal was lost many times.

We thought we saw something in the woods that looked promising, but after risking our lives on the steep inclined dirt hill through the trees, we sadly came across an old case of beer.

After this failed attempt, we reconvened in the middle of the park to get our heads together and come up with a new strategy.

After this failed attempt, we reconvened in the middle of the park to get our heads together and come up with a new strategy.

We decided to just check all big trees we could find, which lead to more exhilarating and dare-deviling endeavors. Upon spotting a fairly large tree near the bottom of the bridge, we shockingly came across a homeless man sleeping on a mattress under the bridge. Not wanting to disturb him we thought it’d be best to try a different tree. (Photo omitted for privacy)

This other large tree we then found was right near the park’s entrance and conveniently had a small fallen tree next to it. However, that small tree was covered with brush and sticks. Since one of the commenters on the geocache sheet said that he had added more camouflage to hide the geocache better, we were certain then that the geocache must have been under this tree. After spending thirty minutes of strenuous labor trying to remove the brush, our hearts were crushed when no geocache was found.

It was getting darker by the minute and as it appeared all hope had been lost, we greatly considered giving up. However, we calmed down, regrouped, and planned to check out what was near any large tree we could see.

After some searching, we spotted an enormous tree with a small fallen tree near it, and after some more rummaging, there lied the geocache – a plastic Tupperware container.

Inside we found some interesting items that included a toy figure of Zazu from The Lion King, a marble, a fork, and a New Zealand fifty-cent coin. Also there was a pencil and sheet for us to sign our names and date on. We decided to leave an item of our own in the box, so we put in a penny to show our patriotism.

Then we put the container back where we found it, and covered it up as best as possible since we had spent a couple hours looking for it. It only seemed fair.

After a group hug, we took a picture of the coordinates the GPS were giving us at a location nearest to the container.

After our successful quest, we were more than happy to walk the hour-long route back to the university.

The End

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