Thursday, October 15, 2009

Royce Jones: New Zealand Loacations

Locations in New Zealand

Wellington is one of the largest cities in New Zealand, and also the capital of the country located along the southern tip of the north island. The city is between Lambton Harbor to the east and a large mountain range to its west. In this mountain range lies an active fault line, which causes a number of earthquakes in the area. The city lies on land with various elevations and gets lower towards the bay. Various types of animals inhabit the area around Wellington, including wild goats that graze in the mountains and deer are often seen. Seal's are found along the coasts next to the mountains throughout the entire year. Along the coast there can be many different geological features found, having red rocks, many caves, and steep drops off high cliffs.
The population of the city is around 180,000, while the entire urban area of Wellington contains a population close to 450,000 people. It is a relatively diverse city, many Europeans, but many other races including the native inhabitants called the Maori. The climate is very temperate with little change in temperature throughout the year. The temperature averages in the summer range from 56-69 F, and during the winter from 52-7 F. The city is known for having a wide selection of very good restaurants and a good schooling system. There are many great views of the city and its surrounding landscape all over. Below are some pictures I found to be very interesting.

Cathedral Cove:
Cathedral Cove is an interesting place with a very serene landscape. This area has a very low population and contains a small residential area with houses and different attractions related to the cove it's self; Such as kayaking and snorkeling. The area is right along the coast of the northern part of the north island. Nearly 150,000 people a year come visit this beautiful terrain. It is a tough journey along the steep cliffs and rocky paths to see the best things. One of the most incredible geological areas is right on the beach where a cavern goes under a great amount rock and can walk under to both sides. From this "tunnel" you can see an interesting geological happening of large rock that sticks out of the water.
The colors of the rocks in the area are predominately an off white color with vegetation growing everywhere. The water is a very clear blue with many different fish species along the coast. Macadamias are grown in the area and are well known to be very good. Millions of years of weathering in pressure have shaped this landscape along this coast into the amazing sight it is to see. Below are some pictures that caught my eye and hopefully I come back with some of my own.

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