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Winter Study Abroad 2010- New Zealand
Paihia is known as the jewel of the Bay of Islands, located in the far north of the
north island of New Zealand. This tropical town is one of the most popular
tourist destinations due to several reasons. Cultural centers, beaches, scenic
beauty, and fun food and drink make the spot ideal for the vacationer. From the
dolphin sight seeing tours to the Wharepuke subtropical gardens, there is
always something to entertain oneself in Paihia.
To begin, there are several recreational activities for one to experience
while vacationing in this location. Salt water fishing is a popular sport due to the
abundant species of salt water fish in the bay. The Earl Grey Fishing Charters are
based here and are one of the most popular companies to operate out of Paihia.
Beautiful beaches abound in Paihia excellent for simply relaxing or observing
the wonder of New Zealand. Adding to the whimsy quality of the bay is the
constant steamboat cruises.
The historical importance of Paihia is remarkable. One of the most
important sites to visit is the Waitangi Treaty Grounds which overlooks the Bay
of Islands. At this location, the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed between
Maori and the British Crown on February 6, 1840; this date is now celebrated
lavishly as a national holiday for all New Zealanders to enjoy. Also, cricket was
first invented here and is practiced across the region with great pride. Watching
games of cricket would be a lovely event for one to attend while visiting the
region. Another building of interest in the Maritime building which is located
along the northern coast. This is a beautiful location to shop or enjoy the breezy
All across Paihia is a variety of shops, cultural centers, and restaurants.
These locations embody the culture and regional tastes experienced by the bay.
For example, Hansen's café is a quaint coffee shop that overlooks the heavenly
bay. New Zealanders enjoys coffee and pridefully offer it across the area. The
Bistro 40 Restaurant is also a good example of the cuisine that characterizes the
town. With a fancy for seafood, specializing in a fish of the day, this restaurant
artfully exemplifies the desire for fresh ocean caught fish that makes the
experience worthwhile.
The following link provide some images of the region:
1. Seafood Café -
2. The jetty-
3.Town center-
The second region of research is called Taupo, which is located in the
center of the north island of New Zealand. This location was built on the shores
of Lake Taupo which serves as one of the main tourist attractions in New
Zealand, providing the ability to boat, fish, and enjoy the nature of the
subtropical region. This town is more of a quaint getaway compared to the first
town which information was gathered for. This town has a rather suburban
aspect with the beautiful countryside providing golf courses and nature trails.
The Huka Falls Resort exemplifies the spacious countryside. The Huka Falls are a
set of waterfalls on the Waikato River that drain into Lake Taupo and are
beautiful to see.
Taupo bolsters several religious locations of interest including St. Patrick's
Catholic Church and Bahai'I Faith. These places reflect the Christian influence of
the crown on the country and are beautifully architectural wonders to admire.
As well, the everyday aspects of the town are something unique to be enjoyed,
including the food markets which provide an energetic look into the daily lives
of the townspeople. Even a fun entertainment park for children and adults alike
is located here called Taupo Adventure Park where one can get lost in mazes or
try his or her hand at a game of mini golf.
The following links are images of Taupo:
1. Beautiful waterfront-
2. Internet Café-
3. Lake Taupo Marina-

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