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Tairua is located on the North island of New Zealand, along the eastern coast.

Tairua is located on a part of the north island known as the Coromandel peninsula. Geologically speaking, this area is composed of Miocene and younger volcanics, including andesites and rhyolites. The beach at Tairua contains examples of rhyolite on the rocks and the beach pebbles. The Coromandel peninsula has been popular as a collector's site because it is home to gold and silver ores and crystals. They can still be found at old mine dumps, but it is rare.

Tairua is known as a tourist spot because of its coastal location. People flock here for the beaches, surfing, fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving. Many of these activities can be done through a popular business called Tairua Dive and Fishinn.

Tairua also has some other small attractions such as the Manaia Gallery, which features unique art and gifts, and the Manaia Café and bar located next door. Art is popular in the area, but Tairua is mostly known for the outdoor and water sports.


Location- Rotorua is also located on the North Island of New Zealand, but south and inland of Tairua.

Rotorua is a famous tourist attraction because of the geothermal activity. It is sometimes referred to as the "Sulfur City" because of the smell produced. There are many interesting sites including mud pools, geysers, and hot springs. Rotorua has earned the name "Cureland" due to the health benefits of these hot springs. Popular hot springs include the Hells Gate Thermal Reserve, Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, and the Polynesian Spa.
The Rotorua Lakes are a very important part of the area. Unfortunately, most of them are threatened due to an increase in nutrient input in the lakes. This causes many of the lakes, like Okaro and Rotorua, to be subject to large algal blooms. These algal blooms can be a health hazard and show that the lakes are in a poor ecological condition.

There are also a few museums located in Rotorua. One museum that looked interesting is the Caterpillar Experience. This museum dedicated to the Caterpillar machines and tractors that helped shaped the landscape and development of New Zealand. For more Rotorua-specific history, the Rotorua Museum is also located in the city.

-Laura Treible

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