Saturday, February 6, 2010

Re: Rina Binder-Macleod Blogs Entry

Final Blog Entry

Well, it is all over now…or is it?  I feel like what I have experienced and learned through this trip will resonate through my life although the impacts of the trip may be subconscious and I may not attribute my actions to lesions learned while in New Zealand.  But, isn't that the learning process?  Our thought processes and decision making are a result of previously learned lessons.

In respect to my goals for the trip, I feel like I reached my goals of being able to properly analyze and understand the natural environment.  We definitely learned how to analyze the beaches to a degree previously unimaginable!  Previous to this trip, I had no idea how many classifications there were for a beach!  In addition, on the biology side I never imagined being able to identify shells or marine creatures. 

Also, in the academic region, I feel like I learned about prospects of further education in a natural science (potentially going to grad school?).  I had never really thought about graduate school, but learning about the research that Art, Doug, and Adam do I am becoming interested in exploring this option for the future.  But, who knows?  Life is all one big journey; you can't plan too far ahead in the future!  I will end on that note, I wish to continue my journey through life learning and exploring.  I just have to remember Doug's advice to "keep your feet wet and your eyes open."  Bon voyage

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