Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rachel Schnaitman

After reading Cook's adventures and explorations I found the fact that New Zealand is the world's last land to be settled and that when Cook first came upon New Zealand noone had visited the island for six centuries or more the most interesting fact in the chapter.

What I found most surprising was that there was such civil unrest in New Zealand. I was not aware that the civil rights movement did not occur until the 1970s. To quote the chapter, "…when I was a child, the attitude, even amoung Maori, was that everything from our own culture was bad and everything Pakeha was good."

I am most looking forward to having the pleasure of visiting the new and unspoiled country of New Zealand. After reading of Cook's adventures and tales of New Zealand I am most excited to travel through the island and visit many of the places detailed by Cook. Not many will have the pleasure of visiting the world's newest colonized landmass and I look forward to viewing all the wonders New Zealand has to offer.

I am also really interested in marine studies and am really excited to see so many different types of beaches and geologic structures that can only be found in New Zealand. I hope to have the privilege of discovering all the different marine organisms and beaches that New Zealand has to offer. I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and creating a beautiful photo journal of this majestic country.

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