Sunday, December 20, 2009

Addison Reid
After reading the chapter about Cook's exploration of New Zealand, I was very surprised by the reaction of the Maori people regarding the way that history is portrayed by the Pakeha. I feel that this is a story that is not commonly told when you read about the history of New Zealand. This reading did an excellent job of conveying history from both the Maori people and the Pakeha people. It describes the struggles that each group have faced related to the portrayal of their people in history. It is interesting how it seems that most people in New Zealand have ancestry with both groups of people but they usually are more in touch with one group.

I found it most interesting that the Maori people had a craving for meat due to the lack of mammals that are native to the island, and because of this Maori people ate items such as candles and oil from the ships. Its seems very intriguing to me that the only native land mammals of New Zealand are bats and the Maori people believed they foretold death and disaster. The idea that the native people ate items high in fat because of their craving for lipids is fascinating and may relate to why they were thought to be cannibals.

I am looking forward to learning about the native flora and fauna of New Zealand. The birds of the island are especially interesting to me since they have such an array of birds. I would like to see flightless birds and the many sea birds that surround the island. Learning about the uses of native flora and fauna throughout the islands history is something that I would really like to learn about. I have made it a goal of mine to photograph all of the wildlife that I encounter on the trip.

While on this trip I would also like to learn everything possible about another culture. Since this will be my first time leaving the country, I want to indulge myself in a culture other than my own. I want to try every type of food, sport, tradition etc. that I possibly can. Being away from home will be an eye-opening experience and I want to enjoy every minute of it. I am interested in learning the language and talking to the native people about their way of life and emerging myself in a culture unlike my own.

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